Early Literacy Specialist

The Early Literacy Specialist (ELS) serves the Child Care educators from child care centres, early learning programs as well as early years practitioners who work with individuals, families and groups of children, pre-natally to six years of age.


  • Trains professionals and parents on early literacy.
  • Provides research materials and a reference library on early literacy.
  • Supports and advises educators and parents at early years centres, early learning programs and child care centres.
  • Refers families to programs such as First Words, Newborn and Toddler programs as well as School Readiness programs such as the Best Start Early Learning Programs.
  • Links to adult literacy programs


Where does the Early Literacy Specialist work?

  • The office is located at Centre pour enfants Timiskaming Child Care/Ontario Early Years in Haileybury.
  • The ELS works with the Ontario Early Years Centre, its satellites and partner agencies.
  • Services are available throughout the district of Temiskaming. This encompasses an area from: North- Kirkland Lake; East -Virginiatown ; West- Elk Lake; South-Temagami.

Desired Program Outcomes:

  • Improved school readiness
  • Improved parental and community ability to support early literacy and language development in young children
  • Increased general awareness of early brain development and the importance of positive stimulation and nurturing.

What is early literacy?

  • The set of skills that children will use to learn to read, to write, and to communicate.
  • Early literacy begins prenatally
  • It combines a child's ability to speak, to listen and to experience, with their ability to understand, to create and to talk about the ideas, events and experiences in their world.
  • Early literacy skills evolve in relation to a child's interaction with their family and community environment.
  • Key components are language play with rhymes, songs, books, and make- believe play.

For more information on our Early Literacy Specialist please call 705 672 2100 ext 23